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Today's  Special

Here at our pub & restaurant, we have organized evening special buffets with changing themes during the week to give our customers additional choice.

Wednesdays & Saturdays :
BBQ Buffet

(Price: 420 Baht/Person)

After a long day of work, you can take a real nice break by enjoying our colorful BBQ buffet table. Here you can find all sorts of meat & seafood including fish, prawn, mussels, squid, three kinds of satay (chicken, beef & pork), sausages and mixed grills. We also offer you three kinds of sauces: peanut sauce, steak sauce & Thai style sauce. Enjoy our salad buffet including also potato salad, baked potatoes and several sorts of bread. 

Thursdays :
Asian Delights Buffet

(Price: 320 Baht/Person)

Looking for a place where you can find good Asian food, then the Admiral's is just the place for you. During our Asian Delight evening, we offer you a number of delicious Asian dishes including Thai food such as the spicy papaya salad (Som-tam), Thai chili sauces with boiled vegetables, green curry soup; Chinese food such as sweet & sour, stir-fried vegetables; and Japanese food such as sashimi, sushi.

Fridays : 
Scandinavian Buffet

(Price: 395 Baht/Person)

For those who miss or even those who love Scandinavian food, this is the day where you
can enjoy our special Scandinavian buffet including three kinds of herring (marinated, mustard 
and curry herring), meatballs, salami, fried fish fillet, home made spicy pork rolls, Scandinavian hash, liver pate etc. But the most important thing you cannot miss is black bread/ rye bread.

Sundays : Pizza & Pasta Night

(Price: 250 Baht/Person)
Why not come and make your own delicious and colorful pizza with the fillings from our buffet
such as shrimps, baby clams, salami, baby corn etc., and topped with two choices of sauces: tomato sauce or tom yam sauce. At the same time you can enjoy the salad bar, while the Chef bakes your pizza in the oven.