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         The Royal Wedding          

Since, On 14 May 04 the Danish Crown Prince Frederik will marry  Miss Mary Donaldson from Australia. The event in Copenhagen will be colorful and hold all the ingredients of a fairy tale wedding. The Danish television will follow the event with a full direct transmission from the church ceremony to  the Royal Castle.

Through the generous sponsor ship of Maersk Thailand & The Danish Embassy, The Admiralís Pub has been enabled to show the full 4 hours transmission live to Danes, Australians and our Thai friends. The Transmission is send through a specially private leased satellite link in co-operation with other Danish embassies and businesses sponsors in Auckland, Jakarta, Hanoi, Shanghai, Dhaka & Singapore.

The transmission start at 19.00 and we have provided large screen displays at the Admiralís Pub, Sukhumvit Soi 18 in Bangkok.