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The Admiral's Wine Cellar


The import regulations for wines to Thailand limit severely the wines available and often make them inappropriately expensive. A number of us also share the uncertainty about how the wines have been stored and thus in what condition especially the more expensive and older wines might be. 

We have created the ADMIRAL'S WINE CELLAR with the following objectives in mind;

1. Proper storage of wines in temperature controlled decor wine cellar.
2. Quality wines at best competitive rates in the market.
3. Profit margin set per bottle not on purchase price in order 
to make expensive wines comparatively inexpensive.
4. Selection of new world wines and good offers of 
Classic Italian & French wines.
5. Free wine tasting of selected wines and 
sale of selected quality wines by the glass


Port Wine

On Table
 (750 ml)

By Glass

Graham's Late-Bottled Vintage (LBV) '1996
Like Vintage Port, LBV is a wine of a single year but is not a 'declared' Vintage Port. Graham's LBV has much of the rich full fruity flavour and 'grip' of Vintage Port, combining this with a softness gained through oak ageing.


Graham's Vintage '1991
The first Vintage to be declared since 1985 produced a very small harvest but very good quality. Wines appreciated for their aromatic nature and concentration.


Graham's Vintage '1985
Known for their huge amounts of luscious fruit and round tannins. This is characteristically rich and has a fine underlying firmness. One of the best wines of the Vintage, full-bodied, full tannins with long finish.
4,900 -
Graham's Tawny 30 years
The Thirty Year Old is one of Graham's most distinguished Ports. Exacting blending over many years has ensured a wonderfully mellow wine which, although very old, retains some of the vigour of its youth.  
5,400 270
Graham's Tawny 20 years
The pale amber Twenty Year old is lighter and gloriously smooth. It has a fully, nutty bouquet, the classic Graham's richness and a soft lingering aftertaste.
4,400 240

Please find our present wine menu displayed below for your kind reference:





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